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Account Opening Form

  • I/we am fully aware that Buy and/or Sell Mandate for the trade of shares/stocks/bonds through our CENTRAL SECURITIES CLEARING SYSTEM (CSCS) Account domiciled with the company shall be by Buy and/or Sell Mandate Form executed in accordance with the existing mandate. I/we hereby acknowledge that the use of facsimile (fax), telephone, text messages (SMS), e-mail, letters (on letterhead) or other unsecured means of communication to convey instructions for the trade of Shares/Stocks/Bonds or any other such instructions not backed by a duly executed Buy and/or Sell Mandate Form that will lead to the sale or purchase as the case may be of Shares/Stocks/Bonds on my
    account is associated with additional risks and fraud exposure.

    And whereas, I/We had issued in the past and still intend to further issue Buy/Sell Mandates in the aforementioned forms otherwise than by a formal Buy/Sell Mandate. The company has requested and I have agreed to provide the indemnity under the condition herein contained;NOW THEREFORE, I/We instruct that the company should accept and execute instructions and/or give effect to requests to buy or sell stocks on my behalf, any other instruction relating to my account on any of the services usually rendered by the company to her customers, where such instructions and/or requests are given by any of the aforementioned means.

    IN CONSIDERATION of the company agreeing to accept and act upon any such instructions, communications and documents by facsimile (fax), telephone, e-mail, letters issued by me for the trade of shares/stocks/bonds and unaccompanied by a duly executed Buy and/or Sell Mandate Form. I/We hereby irrevocably undertake to indemnity the company and hold it harmless from and against all costs (including without limitation to legal fees and expenses, claims, losses, liabilities, damages and proceedings) whatsoever that the company may suffer or incur or that may arise as a result of the company accepting or acting upon such instructions, communication or documents and including risks due to errors in transaction, misunderstanding or error on the part of the company regarding my

    I/We hereby irrevocably release the company from all liability in the event that any telephone, text messages, e-mail, facsimile transmission or letter is not received, or is mutilated, altered, illegible or interrupted, duplicated, incomplete, unauthorized, or delayed for the reason.

    The company shall have absolute discretion, for any reason whatsoever to act or not to act upon documentation received by facsimile, e-mail or letters or instructions received by telephone unaccompanied by my executed Buy and/or Sell Mandate Form and/or request verification of documents and instructions received by such means.

    Furthermore, I/We do hereby undertake that I/We will at all times sufficiently indemnify you and keep you indemnified against all liabilities and against all actions suits, proceedings, claims, demand, cost and expenses whatever which may be taken or made against you or incurred or become payable by you by reason of your reliance on the information provided in this account opening package and sample therein